Downsizing to the tune of “Let It Go”

When we made it official that we were going tiny I automatically dreaded what came next…the downsizing process. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. I had so much stuff and a lot of it I really liked.


Downsizing was one of the most hardest and emotional processes I have been through. It was right up there with puberty. As hard and difficult of a process downsizing was, it was also way more rewarding. You know just like puberty, It sucks going through it with the acne, growing pains and awkward phases but after puberty you feel a bit better and get used to your developed body, have a later bed time and get to see PG-13 movies. If you have yet to start the downsizing process let me describe to you how freakin amazing I felt after the purging of stuff. Just like that I actually felt relieved. It was like with every trip to goodwill with our car loaded of stuff, layers of stress started to shed. Every time an item went out the door with a Craigslister these invisible knots would become undone and the feeling of tied down was no more. Its true, all those things “they” say about downsizing and decluttering actually have substance.

I was a textbook definition of a normal consumer. I bought stuff to make me happy. I’d buy something because it was on sale and I might need it someday. I’d buy stuff just because I could. I’d go to thrift stores on the reg looking for nostalgic pieces to fill empty spaces in my home. I loved to shop especially for clothes and home decor. Not only was I a regular shopper but I also would keep everything that was given to me.

I had a lot of sentimental items that held memories but I also had a lot of dumb stuff like 4 pairs of scissors and multiple broken corkscrews and thats where I started the process. I’d go through drawers singing “let it go” and actually would let that shit go. When it came to harder personal items, I’d look for strength from my minimalist boyfriend who would help me realize the bigger picture and goal. I gave away important items to my close friends who I knew would cherish them like I did and that made it easier. Im not going to lie and say I got rid of everything that wasn’t going in the tiny because I didn’t. I have a vintage owl collection passed down to me from my grandmother that I packed up and am storing in a safe spot at a relatives. Maybe one day the owls wont be so important to me but right now they are and I found a way to keep them without having to pay for a storage unit.


Something that helped me along the process was not putting a price value on things. We sold what we could but some stuff we just had to donate or give away.  We tried really hard not to throw things away and add to the landfill but sometimes it was inevitable.


We loved our home but 1100 SQFT lead us to buy more to fill the space.

Going through this process has helped me in so many ways. A side from downsizing and decluttering, Im a smarter shopper. I avoid the dollar section at target knowing whatever they have wont add value to my life just clutter and then eventually be added to the landfill. As a part of the downsizing process I aspire to be a more conscious consumer and hold companies and things to a higher standard. Now with the tiny completed we are starting to move things in and are kinda strict on what we bring in the house. We are making sure every item has more than one purpose and it makes it easier to let things go when we see that these things are not fitting well in our tiny. So as we move in we are still continuing to downsize, especially when it comes to wardrobe.


Everything must go (except for the dog).

How was your downsizing experience? Any advice for an aspiring minimalist?


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