About Us

is a freelance sound mixer from Melbourne, Florida. From the moment he learned about the tiny house movement he was sold. He is a minimalist who fell in love with a girl who thrives in clutter, thankfully she also shares his love of travel, Steve Martin and pizza. When he isn’t driving he enjoys making music, reading instruction manuals and taking pictures of people and things. Ryan hopes to eventually overcome his fear of heights and to finally build a snowman.

A Reno, Nevada native who can’t wait to get back to the mountains, Sami was ultimately convinced to go tiny because she was told it was “kinda like permanently being on vacation”. She is excited about this lifestyle change and is grateful for her super chill fiancé who taught her the most important things in life are not things. Besides drinking wine and meeting new animals, Sami loves spending time with her dog Tilly, Mid-century everything, Cape Cod chips and is currently writing her own sitcom.


is an 12 year old shepherd lab mix. He was named after the band Tilly and the Wall, Sami had no clue how big he’d grow (70lbs) when she named him. He loves passing cows on the road, taking naps and anyone who has food. He is very protective of his parents and hates to be left home alone. You can often find him in the backseat with his head out the window jamming to Bob Seger. He is a champion traveler who adapted well to constantly moving, Tilly is happy as long as there’s a nice breeze and his parents are near by.