Why We Decided To Go Tiny

It took Ryan about two years to convince me to go tiny. When I first learned about the tiny house community I instantly fell in love with the concept and lifestyle but also instantly thought “I could never do that.” For one I love stuff! I love my ever growing book collection, I could never get rid of my grandmothers lot of vintage owls, and how could I say goodbye to my insane compilation of vintage tees I’ve spent my whole life accumulating?!?! Secondly, as much as I want to live a more sustainable lifestyle and lessen my carbon footprint could I really use a bucket as a toilet? Am I capable of removing said bucket and personally be responsible for my own bodily waste? And what about my dudes waste? Dude waste is the worst kind of waste. There’s no way I could be responsible for that even if we didn’t compost I still wouldn’t be into dealing with grey water and septic hook ups. Nope. Not happing. And lastly and way more importantly I need my space. I love Ryan and I think he’s the greatest but that doesn’t mean I want to share 200 sq ft or less with the man. I’m an extreme introvert. I actually love being by myself, Its how I recharge and relax. Those (dumb but important to me) three things stood in the way of me committing to the tiny house movement. Continue reading